The 11 best places to visit in February 

Sri Lanka Dry season with beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and ancient ruins

The Maldives Pristine beaches, stunning coral reefs, and luxurious overwater bungalows

South Australia Warm weather, vibrant art scene in Adelaide, and incredible wine regions

Banff, Canada Breathtaking mountain scenery, world-class skiing and snowboarding, and cozy hot springs Montana

Lake Tahoe, USA Picturesque Lake, diverse ski resorts, and charming casinos for après-ski fun

Niseko United, Japan Renowned for its powder snow, charming villages, and delicious ramen

Marrakech, Morocco Bustling markets, colorful architecture, and delicious tagines

Kerala, India Backwaters cruises, lush greenery, and ancient temples

New Orleans, USA Mardi Gras festivities, vibrant music scene, and mouthwatering Creole cuisine

Kyoto, Japan Traditional tea ceremonies, ancient temples, and beautiful gardens